What Sets L&M Apart?

What makes L&M International Home Services Ltd special?
What sets us apart from other roofing services?

  • We are fully insured with 5 million liability insurance
  • We have the Building Renovator License issued by the cities of Mississauga and Toronto
  • Unlike others who can only provide a WSIB account number, we carry a valid WSIB which makes us eligible to provide clearance certificates for validations
  • Unlike others who hire part time workers to save cost, our workers are all full time experience workers to ensure the quality of work
  • OUR SIGNATURE SUPER STRONG LIFETIME WARRANTY 5 LAYERS VALLEY SYSTEM, extremely durable and waterproof valley to protect your assets for lifetime
  • Extra fast service.  Your roof will be done in a day. Unlike others who send only 1-3 workers to the site and may take 2-3 days to get the job done…..and pray for no rain, we send a team of up to 16 people to complete the job in a day.
  • We bring our own disposal trailer for waste disposal. Our disposal trailer will not block and cause damage to your driveway.  (Some exceptions apply)
  • We won’t deliver skids of heavy shingles on top of your roof to reduce labour cost that will cause structural damage of your house
  • We use new materials only which include shingles, vents, plumbing stack and valleys
Call the professional contractors of L&M International Home Services Ltd at 416-823-3118 (we are WSIB registered and fully insured!)