Our Team

Senior Roofers/Roofer Foremen

At L&M International Home Services Ltd, our Senior Roofers are all full time roofers who are licensed with over 15 years of Canadian experience. Our Senior Roofers are specializing in steep slope shingles and flat roof. They supervise roof installations and roof repairs. In addition, our Senior Roofers provide ongoing training and evaluation for the junior roofers. In order to maintain the quality of workmanship, at least 3 senior roofers are on each site to assure all roofers are following the correct safety procedures.


Junior Roofers

Our Junior Roofers are all licensed with over 6 years of Canadian experience. Our Junior Roofers work under the supervision of Senior Roofers. All Junior Roofers receive ongoing training and evaluation.

  • All roofers have valid fall protection certificates
  • All roofers are required to attend roof safety re-certificate class annually.



Our Consultants work closely with home owners in determining a solution to their unique home related problems. No job is too small. Our consultants provide professional advice on simple repair jobs as well as on full replacement jobs. Our consultants provide home owners with all the possible solutions to their home related problems by going through different types and brand of the materials that can be used. With over 20 years of experience, L&M International Home Services consultants provide accurate estimates for home owners.

Call the professional contractors of L&M International Home Services Ltd at 416-823-3118 (we are WSIB registered and fully insured!)